Outline for Training Workshop and associated Training Booklet

Device Usage

Here i think we would give general functions of the ten or so buttons
on the device and the
use and role of each button. We would also introduce the the USB
probe, ear piece,mic and AC charger.
I think we would include here too how to open the battery cover and
how to fix the batteries.
we talk about the LED light and its different colors at copying.
Brief, general precautions,safe usage,repairs and capacity.

Here i think we will teach how to search content first through
subjects and locating messages in specific subjects. Special attention
on making listening faster or slower.
i will like to have some time here for a group practice to observe how it goes.

It will not be any different from listening to messages. But i will
stress on the right
message in the marching subject for easy searching.I will also stress
the DELETE function
here so that content producers can delete and re-record messages.
I will conclude this section too with a practise in groups.

The same method as the two above.But new features are worth mentioning
as u told me the last time when copying is going on.A lot of
practicals would be needed here since we dont have any previous
experience in the VV community that much on this.


- basic repair, such as unscrewing and swapping major parts (no
soldering, but maybe replacing microSD memory cards)


- creating new categories

Content Management

- transferring audio between Talking Books and computers and between
MP3s and A1800.

- using software to organize all the recordings on a computer and
track the various languages and categories (this software is being
developed now; the 1st version will be ready)

Future Features

- using up and down arrows to rate content on a Talking Book
- replying with feedback
- copying audio files over the radio or a mobile phone

M & E Recommendations

- interview questions
- harvest data collection