What We Need

This page is used to collect slide decks about the Talking Book Project. A slide deck should be designed and maintained for each of the following uses:

  • Narrated conference presentation or video; lots of photos. Ideally, two versions:
  • Stand-alone overview of the program to be used for general public, potential volunteers/donors, and possibly grantmakers. We may or may not need a separate version for the press.
  • Stand-alone slide deck describing Literacy Bridge business model for strategic partners (e.g. grantmakers, major donors, or partners to help implement it)
  • Stand-alone overview of the program for potential customers/partners; this might also be used at a demo table for a conference of potential customers/partners. It should primarily answer the question, "how can this program help me serve my people?" We should ideally have two versions, each emphasizing one of the following:
    • literacy
    • access to information

This last one for potential customers/partners is the highest priority.


See the following attached files:
TalkingBook-20080116 without pics.ppt

and the latest slides with photos about our Jirapa (Ghana) pilot program: