Here is what the CDC recommends for shots and other medical issues with Ghana: Note that the CDC recommends seeing a "health-care provider at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect."

As far as shots go, here is what I had, but you should definitely ask a medical professional what they recommend:

  • Yellow Fever (one shot? - required by Government of Ghana before entering country)
  • Hepatitus A (two shots)
  • Hepatitus B (three shots, with something like 4-6+ weeks between the first two, and then 6+ months between the second and third shot. I didn't have my third shot until after I returned from my first Ghana trip, which was apparently not a problem)
  • Typhoid (either a shot or series of pills)
  • Polio (shot)
  • Meningitis
  • TDAP (one shot against tetanus and other stuff)

For information on malaria, see malaria