FAQ: Published and Rude Versions

FAQ for Publishing

These questions are for public brochures, web pages, etc.

  • Will the Talking Book devices be solar powered?
    • The devices can be powered both by locally available disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries available "for rent" by owners of the Talking Book kiosk libraries.
    • The kiosks will use solar power to recharge the batteries.
    • This combination allows the expense of solar cells to be shared through kiosk rental programs.
  • How will the Talking Book devices be sold?
  • Will audio content ever be sold?
  • Does a physical book always accommodate the digital audio?
  • Is the Talking Book Project only designed for English content?
  • Why not use cell/mobile phones for this project?
    • There are, in fact, over three billion mobile phones in use today. However, we are focussed on the poorest one billion people — the ones who will not have their own mobile phone for many years to come.

Rude FAQ

These questions are for internal use in responding to questions we might get that we wouldn't necessarily actively publish. We may move some of these questions up to the published area at some point.

  • Why not create a radio station?
  • Do impoverished people really want more information?
  • Why not use existing off-the-shelf products?
  • How do you control quality if anyone can record content?