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Solar Chargers for Batteries

Cheap Rechargeable Batteries

Great Power Battery (Rebecca)

  • H-D2200: USD2.51
  • 1/2D5000: USD3.80 (odd size)
  • H-D7000: USD5.20
  • H-D9000: USD6.41
  • H-AA1200: USD0.65
  • H-AA1300: USD0.72
  • H-AA1500: USD0.81
  • H-AA1600: USD0.83
  • H-AA1800: USD0.95
  • H-AA2000: USD1.01
  • H-AA2100: USD1.07
  • H-AA2200: USD1.11
  • H-AA2300: USD1.18
  • H-AA2400: USD1.27

Available in Pilot Regions



from    Gautam John <>
to    Cliff Schmidt <>,
date    Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 9:02 PM
subject    Re: Battery brands and models

Hi Cliff:

Some basic details on the AA and D batteries that are available here.

1. Novino [1] and Eveready [2] are the two big brands available in the
farther reaches of the country.
2. The prices for the AA vary between INR 6.50 to INR 9.00 depending
on the volume purchased and the type, i.e. Super Heavy Duty et. al.
3. The prices for the D vary, along similar lines, between INR 11.00
to INR 13.50
4. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to find the entire range in rural
areas and it's a case of going with what's available on a week to week
basis and this does vary. You may find Heavy Duty one week and
Ordinary next week. Novino one week and Eveready the next week.
5. Eveready do have rechargeable batteries and a pack of four (700
mAh), with a charger, is INR 300 while  a pack of four (2050 mAh),
with a charger, is INR 950.
6. It might actually make sense to contact the battery manufacturers
directly to see if a direct deal is possible.

Olympus Recorder with single AAA Eveready Super Heavy Duty

Thus far, I've run a record-erase-play cycle, of 600 secs-600 secs each over 15 times before the battery died. It's played at full volume and most of the recording was done in a club, last night, with loud music.  

Q: Can you give me an idea of how loud the loudest setting is?  Such as, if you were outside (not enclosed space, but a place with some background non-traffic non-industrial noise), how many people could comfortably hear it, if gathered around, sitting in a circle?
A:  I think a huddle of 4 could hear it.   It's pretty loud. Like a mobile phone on speaker phone.

Using the same battery, I got:

1 x recording of 572 seconds
17 x play of 572 seconds + 1 x play of 240 second