• We're done!


ToDo Upon 501(c)(3) Status:

  • DONE [CS] Register with Guidestar, and all other donation-related lists of 501c3s
  • DONE [CS] Fax IRS letter to WA Sec State's office
  • [CS] Consider registering with CA
  • DONE [CS] Get matching $1500 contribution from Google — tell other Google employees that contributions are matched
  • DONE [CS] re-apply to Yahoo and BEA grants
  • N/A - since BEA is no more: [CS] Go after BEA employees and tell about matching up to $500 (?)
  • [CS] Go after MS employees and tell about matching
  • DONE [CS] Update site to say, we are tax-exempt 501(c)(3)
  • DONE [CS] Investigate free mailing list service William mentioned
  • DONE [CS] Investigate SalesForce.com's free service for 501c3's: http://www.salesforcefoundation.org/default-trial-signup
  • [CS] Investigate all matching donation programs and lists
  • [CS] Consider moving site to a options that give us a deal for 501c3
  • DONE [CS] Set up nonprofit YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/nonprofits
  • N/A [DH] Register(?) with the united way of king county - I believe they are focusing on a focused group of issues and Literacy Bridge could fall under one of their umbrellas. I believe that by affiliating or getting support from the United Way, it's easy for employees to designate donations to different organizations when they donate to the United Way.
  • IN PROGRESS [CS] setup facebook "cause" for donations
  • [CS] file for nonprofit cheap bulk postal rates (501c3 isn't required, but it is easier)
  • DONE [AT] Google Checkout for non-profits is free —- Add Google Checkout in our Donate page
  • [AT] Consider applying for "Google Grants" - Free Google Adwords for 501c3 - could be up to $10K worth of Adwords
  • DONE [CS] Register with VolunteerMatch (http://www.volunteermatch.org/nonprofits/gettingstarted/) and maybe Network for Good (http://www.networkforgood.org/Npo/volunteers/recruit.aspx) and maybe consider volunteers at Engineers Without Borders (www.ewb-usa.org)
  • [CS] Check with Ira or other lawyers about finding a pro bono patent lawyer to file provisional patent application for us.