Weekly Management Meeting: 20080223



  • Cliff
  • Arthur
  • poor Heather had flu

Where & When

  • Tully's at Western & Virginia from about 2 - 4:30pm


0. New Meeting Template

  • We came up with draft template to help us be able to efficiently touch on all the major issues at each weekly management meeting.
  • The template is used below.
  • Cliff started trying to use a derivative of it in the wiki top menus. Probably needs some tweaking. Wiki home page also needs to be updated.
  • We should probably replace this "0." section with a note to do a quick review of last week's minutes.

1. Financial

  • IRS Status
    • an agent is reading our application
  • Balance Sheet
    • $28,000
  • Cash Flow (incl. upcoming expenses, invoices)
    • ~$1k invoice from Adeel.
    • Adeel plan: bill once/month, Net 30 days
    • Expected $2-3k for Cliff's Ghana trip
    • Next large invoice expected 3/15 for $15k, due 4/15

2. Development & Marketing

  • PR
    • still need to touch base with Tracy Sjogreen
  • Marketing
    • met with Monica Ramsey 2/22
      • she's not available for helping
      • emphasized need for marketing strategy and collateral
      • will get references for pro bono marketing firm possibilities
    • *
  • Development
    • individual fundraising
      • big $14.6k donor
      • Cliff might go to SF around 3/15 for fundraising
      • Arthur's friends are sick – will follow up
    • grants
      • Yahoo rejected us due to no 501c3 letter
      • no word from BEA yet (submitted 2/15 for $15k)
    • events
      • need to follow up with Rod about dinner

3. Internal Operations

  • Office Supplies
    • biz cards for everyone ready once Cliff fills out LOC form
  • IT
    • will need bug tracking software, preferably hosted, preferably free/cheap
    • Atlassian has Jira licenses for free for nonprofits, but prob not free hosted
    • Basecamp for bug tracking?
  • Facilities

4. Personnel

  • Staff
    • William is starting. Met on 2/21. Will own piece of functional spec.
    • Lina can work starting Wed evening, 2/27
    • Fernando: talked to him for 2 hours last week. He's on board.
      • grant writing, sustainable biz development, blind scenarios/signoff
  • Vendors

5. Product Development

  • Engineering (hardware/Flash/etc)
    • Rechargeable batteries and solar chargers
      • Cliff wants to consider making this happen (as an option along with local disposables) in at least one pilot kiosk location
      • Arthur thinks it adds too much complexity.
      • We should continue this discussion
  • QA
  • Program Management
  • Product Management
  • Release Management

6. Programs

  • Pilot programs*
    • discussed need for 3 pilot programs: emphasis on Ghana & Bangalore. Kenya less certain
  • Wholesale operations (Benetech)
  • Outreach/Expansion

7. Sustainable Business Development